KBF99 Square Feed Scoop $15.99 Designed to assist in the prevention of infection and reinfection from troublesome and painful diseases. KBF99 additive is rich in nitrogen molecules that carry a positive charge. Bacteria, Fungi, algae and mycotoxins have cell membranes that are negatively charged. The additive coats the surface of plastic with molecular strands (tiny spikes or swords). The bacteria, algae, fungi and mycotoxins are attracted onto the spikes, the surface membrane is ruptured and kills the cell. And for good measure the cell is then electrocuted by the positive and negative ions coming together. KBF99 kill rate is 99.2% when compared to none treated plastics.

Standard Mane Comb Breyer Book Black Beauty And The Thunderstorm Softcover. Its important that your horse is fed correctly by weight pounds not by volume quarts. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches.

Equestria Sport HorseShoes Bucket Scrub Brush.

You can be confident that by using the Surescoop you will be feeding. Hard Bucket 1 ltr.

Plaiting Comb Curry Comb Hoof Pick Feed Scoop square ltr.

Scoop square 1 ltr.

Feed Scoop round 1 Tough 1 Coiled Cable Trailer Tie. Buckets Hard. Sweat Scraper. Ltr Square 1 ltr Square ltr. Salt Lick Holder Hard Bucket 10 ltr. The KBF Accessories includes 1 products all with the KBF additive to give bacteria and fungus killing properties.

KBF LG SQUARE FEED SCOOP C 0 Horze 2 Ring Martingale. Plaiting Comb Horze Gel Front Riser Saddle Pad. Mane and Tail Brush. By using the Surescoop you will be feeding. Flexible Bucket.

Feed Scoop Kbf99 Square Feed Scoop square 1 ltr.

Hard Bucket 10 ltr. Feed Scoops. Feed Scoop square ltr. Curry Comb. Large Square Feed Scoop liter.

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