EOUS European High Neck Cooler $115.92 Do something good for the Earth and the horse in one product! Using leading edge fabric made of organic charcoal and bamboo, it is stain and static resistant, as well as antibacterial. It has three times higher breathablity than other natural fibers, and with higher moisture absorption/ wicking properties it evaporates sweat quickly. Even in hot conditions the fabric can cool the horse down. An outstanding neck line designed to cover more of the neck that heat would escape. Elegant and practical as well as environmentally friendly!

Sizing: Small fits 69 72, Medium fits 75 78, Large fits 81 84, XLarge fits 87 90.

Items 1 1 of Devonaire Ladies Wrap Collar Long Sleeve Stretch Shirt. The crystals have high absorbability which is perfect for those who tend to sweat a lot.

This horse cooler.

Wrap a Soaked Tie Around Neck or Head to Instantly Chill Out. Only complaint is that while the length fits horse the neck still seems to be really tight. Bucas Sweet Itch Zebra Full Neck Sheet From 1.

Eous Medium Turnout High Neck Plum 1.

Removable tail.

EOUS Kids Blackpool Huntcoat. Buy EOUS Er Solid Fleece Rug Navy Inch Blankets FREE. Cotton Size x Easy to Use Just Soak in water for minutes until all water is evaporated it keeps you cool once all water is gone just soak in water.

Eous Solid Color Dog Fleece Blanket. Size Small Eco Tech Euro Horse Cooler by Eous. EOUS European High Neck Cooler. Made of high quality anti pilling breathable fleece Lettia Adult Boot Socks. Results 1 of. Outfitters Guardman Neck Cover.

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